Why Choose KTK Roof Repairs Canberra?

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KTK Roof Repairs Canberra is probably the most affordable roofing company in Canberra. At the same time, quality and customer satisfaction is our prime focus. 


Our roofing experts are experienced. Experience is important in roofing industry. Our experts have a proven track record. We never fail to deliver positive results!

Honest & Ethical

At KTK Roof Repairs Canberra, we believe in honesty, integrity and respecting our clients. We follow a customer-centric strategy where we put customers at our top priority!


We are a local roofing company. We are located in your own city. How about working with a local roofing company that has a proven track record? Call us Now!

Free Written Estimate

As a professional roofing company in Canberra, we do not hesitate to offer free written estimates to our valued clients. That’s what a good roofing company should do!

Prompt Communication

We believe in prompt communication. Our response is quick and effective. We enjoy responding to various queries raised by our valued clients. Try us Now !

Why do You Need a Roof Repair Service in Canberra?

Roof Repair can lower your energy bill

Lower Your Energy Bill

Roof leakage,moss, poor installation, broken gutter, blistering, and critters increases your energy usage. That’s where proper roof repair and maintenance will save you money by lowering your energy bills.

A roof can provide you ultimate defense

Ultimate Defense

The roofing system is the ultimate defense against weather elements of all home features. So roof repair can defend your home feature, money, and family. Call us now and a roofing expert will guide you about the detailed process.

roof repair can extend the lifespan of your roof


Well installed and maintained roofing systems have a useful life of about 25 years but neglecting tiny issues can lower this range. This can ultimately lead to stress and repair costs.

The Most Affordable Roofing Company in Canberra

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A Damaged Roof

Damaged Roofs

Damaged roofs are mainly due to usage of poor quality materials like metal sheets or shingles. In this case, the specific part needs to be replaced or repaired.

Roof Leakage is one of the most common roof problem

Roof Leakage

This problem is caused due to many reasons. A common problem is roof leakage through joints caused due to rain or wind. We have experienced workman for this and will provide roof leakage repair service at a reasonable price and most importantly “on time”.



Well-installed roofing is so necessary for any structure of the building. However, most contractors and owners go through the poor quality installation neglecting future circumstances which lead the whole roofing system to severe issues in the future.

Shrinkage can cause roof problems like roof cracks


The shrinkage of roof material causes various problems like cracks. This deteriorates the roof. Our experienced professionals can perform flat roof repairs if you’re worried about shrinkage.

broken gutter can lead to roof problems

Broken Gutters

Also one of the most common problems are due to gutters and mostly broken gutter create serious issues there for repair in this state we will need to clean gutters or will repair damaged gutter section.

Flashing Strip Can cause roof problems

Flashing Strip

Flashing strip too damages the roofing system a lot so in the state of flashing strips your roofing system is in serious need of repair. For repair, we will need to replace flashing to prevent the whole roofing system from further damages.

We can Solve All your Roofing Problems

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Roof Repairs Canberra or Roof Replacement Canberra?

condition of the roof is a key factor in determining roof repair or replacement

Condition of the roof

A well-installed roofing system has lots of components working collectively against the weather elements. Therefore, for the roofing system to work every single component should be in proper function. Now if there is a problem with any one of the components, the whole roofing system can be at risk. Call us and give our expert a chance to help you with a free quote!

Age of the roof is a key factor to determine whether to choose roof repair or replacement

Age of the Roof

As every roofing system has an approx. 20-25 years of life. So, the answer to this will probably help in choosing as if you have a new or middle-aged roofing system then it will be better to go for just repair. However, if your roofing is approaching or above 20 then it will be best and sensible to go for re-roof.

The area currently in need of repair

Considering how big of an area is currently in need of repair will probably help in choosing one over the other. if the damage is small, in this case, repair might be a good option. But if the infected area is large enough to cost nearer to the re-roof then it will be a sensible approach to choose replace.

Budget is an important factor to determine whether to choose roof repair or replacement

Budget for Roof Repairs Canberra

Your budget is the most important thing to decide when to choose one over the other. Most people opt for repair just to save their money but it will be best to choose wisely or take help of experts like KTK roof repairs Canberra.

short term solution for a roof or a long term solution- what to choose?

Short Term Vs Long Term Solution

Repair may save your money for now but also it is short term solution and probably you will need to go for repair after some time. while replace is a long term solution that will sustain for a long time.

A recent disaster like tornado is a key factor to determine whether to choose roof repair or replacement

A Recent Disaster

If your area was recently hit with a tornado, hurricane or violent storm, then a roof replacement will be the best option instead of a roof repair. Call us now, our expert will answer you with a quote.

An exact cost can be estimated after inspection!

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Other Roofing Services in Canberra

Roof Replacement being performed in Canberra

Roof Replacement

Our Roof Replacement Canberra services are top notch. At KTK roof repairs Canberra, we are committed to providing you a return on your investment by replacing your old or worn out roofing materials with ease. Contact us now for professional roof replacement.

Roof Replacement Canberra

A roof installed in Canberra

Roof Installation

If you’re planning to install a new roof for your home, consider KTK roof repairs. Our team of professionals will manage and implement the roof installation thus saving you a lot of money in the long-term by reducing the need for replacements, maintenance and repairs.

Roof Installation Canberra

commericial roofing canberra

Commercial Roofing

Roof Repair shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. At KTK Roof Repairs Canberra, we are committed to providing you professional roof repairs in Canberra at affordable pricing. We will make it sure that our repair process is efficient and effective. Get a Quote Now!

Commercial Roofing Canberra

Roof Repair in Canberra

Best Roofing Company in Canberra

Roof is an important investment and here at KTK Roof Repairs Canberra, we take that investment very seriously. Roof is meant to protect you and your family. An ideal roof should withstand severe weather and intruders. Unfortunately, roofing services are very expensive. That’s the main reason why many people get caught in the trap of cheap and low-quality services.

We listened to your problems. We know you want high quality services at affordable prices. That’s how KTK Roof Repairs emerged. We are providing services in Canberra currently. Contact us Now at 261 900 637. Our Roofing Expert will answer your Call and will give you a Quote.

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We have the expertise to provide any kind of roofing service in Canberra

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Why Choose Us?

It’s time to give yourself some time and research which is the best roofing company in Canberra. Take your time, do not mistake roofing for a commodity where all products and companies are same.

You’re doing your research, that’s why you’re on this website. You probably searched for Roof Repairs Canberra and here you are. Great Job so far!

You should consider the followings key factors when deciding a roofing contractor in Canberra:

  • Is the roofing company sufficiently experienced in providing roofing services?
  • Are the services affordable?
  • Is the roofing company located near to you?
  • IS the roofing company providing written estimates?
  • Does the roofing believe in prompt and efficient communication?

The main question is “How are we different?”

Well, we love to answer this question. We are different because we are affordable. We have professionals ready to serve you. We provide written estimates. We are a local company. We are happy to provide you a free quote.

We stick to what our clients like when it comes to materials like roof tiles. Our clients like different types of roof tiles such as concrete roof tiles, clay roof tiles, interlocking roof tiles, large format roof tiles, low pitch roof tiles, pantiles, plain roof tiles and double roman style roof tiles etc. We know the right mix of mortar that’ll help your roof tiles to stand out from the rest!

Wait, Wait, there is something more and that is “KTK roof repairs Canberra has the expertise to install the best skylight in your roof. This will allow natural light to come into your house directly during daytime.” 

Plus, come with your favourite deck roof idea and we’ll change into a reality. If you’ve no idea about a decks, you can talk to our expert. He’ll brief you about what’s trending in the market. Currently, we have some 40+ styles. Want to know about those? Give us a Call. 

Our experts have served different businesses as their clients and are well equipped with the need of modern businesses.

Our clients are diverse. Our experts have accepted different types of ceiling systems/designs as a challenge.

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