Top 5 places to visit in canberra

Canberra is a fast growing city in Australia. It is a capital city that houses the prime government and business headquarters of the nation.

Canberra is also the home of several important embassies and trade missions, including the Australian High Commission in New Zealand, the United States Embassy, the European Union Mission and the South African Embassy.

The capital city of Australia is covered with government offices, parliamentary buildings, government offices, banks, churches, theatres, museums, galleries, parks, sporting and recreational facilities, public transportation and popular entertainment places.

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top 5 places to visit in Canberra

In this post, we’ll be discussing top 5 places that you must visit in the capital of Australia “Canberra”.

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1. National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia is the ultimate home to arts and crafts from around the country. The real beauty of this home is not only the wall colouring or artistic interpretations, but also the aspect of all of the works of art on display which are truly beautiful pieces of art. Each artwork is a piece of work that has been done with passion and time, making it one of the most valuable collections to be seen by visitors to the gallery. National Gallery of Australia is one of the 15 famous places of Canberra. Do you know What is Canberra famous for?

2. Parliament House

Parliament house is an another great place to visit while you’re exploring the beauty of Canberra. It has got 4.4 ratings from 869 reviews on Google. So, this place cannot be ignored altogether. The parliament house was opened on 9 May 1988 by Queen of Australia, Elizabeth II. It contains about 4,700 rooms. A lot of areas are open to public. This place should be on your list of places to visit in Canberra regardless of whether you like politics or not.

3. National Zoo & Aquarium

National Zoo & Aquarium has got whooping 4.6 reviews from 2,505 reviewers on Google. That’s a big achievement! The zoo is privately owned. The total area of the zoo and aquarium is about 19-hectare. The atmosphere is great. Animals are well taken cared off. Food and all the facilities are excellent. The zoo is easy to navigate and the staff is knowledgeable. The entry price is also reasonable.

4. Australian War Memorial

The place is memorial to the members of armed forces of Australia. Australian War Memorial was opened in 1941. This war memorial is widely regarded as one of the most significant memorial of its type in the whole world. This place has got 4.8 reviews from about 9,700 reviewers till date. The place is well organized, staff is friendly and food is nice.

5. Questacon – National Science and Technology Centre

This place has got 4.6 reviews from about 4,373 reviewers. The place has more than 200 interactive exhibits. The motive behind such a place is to motivate the children of Australia towards Science & Technology. Questacon provides a great educational space. Staff is friendly and services are impressive.

So, Which place are you going to visit? Do let us know in the comments.

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