What is Canberra famous for?

Canberra is the capital city of Australia. The city lies between Sydney and Melbourne. Canberra is the largest inland city of Australia. Similarly, it’s the eighth largest city overall.

The word Canberra is derived from ‘Kambera’ or ‘Canberry’ which means “Meeting place”.

Canberra is spread across an area of 814.2 square kilometers. The city has an elevation of 580 meters approximately.

The highest point in Canberra is “Mount Majura” (at 888m).

Now let’s discuss the our main topic.

What is Canberra famous for?

Canberra is famous for its amazing blend of natural and artificial beauty that has attracted tourists across the globe. Parliament house, National Gallery of Australia, National Zoo & Aquarium, Australian War Memorial and Questacon – National Science and Technology Centre are among the top places to visit in Canberra. Along with these 5 top places, the city offers other great attractions as well.

What is Canberra famous for

Following is the list of top 15 places of Canberra:

  1. National Gallery of Australia
  2. Australian War Memorial
  3. Lake Burley Griffin
  4. New Parliament House
  5. Black Mountain Nature Park
  6. Questacon: The National Science and Technology Centre
  7. National Portrait Gallery of Australia
  8. National Library of Australia
  9. Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House
  10. Royal Australian Mint
  11. Mount Ainslie Lookout
  12. National Zoo and Aquarium
  13. National Museum of Australia
  14. National Carillon
  15. Australian National Botanic Gardens

What is the ideal time to visit Canberra?

If you ask me, I’ll say 12 months of the year and all 360 or 365 days of the year. Every day is perfect to visit Canberra. But, if you’re someone obsessed with temperature, let me help you in that.

July is the coldest month of Canberra while September, October and November are the fresh months of the year. By fresh, I mean to say, “Spring Season”.

Similarly, January is the warmest month of Canberra. June is where winter starts.

What if you want to permanently settle in Canberra?

I don’t know if I’m the right person to guide you about that. Here is the link to a great blog post about the topic of whether you should permanently settle in Canberra or not. What I’m going to tell you is that Canberra has a great economy. The unemployment rate is only 2.9%. (According to latest stats – February 2020)

Housing is expensive here just like other major cities of the world. The median house price in Canberra is around $745,000 as per latest stats (Feb 2020). According to this post about housing prices in Canberra, The median weekly rent rate for a house was around $460.

Final thoughts:

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