What is the Coldest Month in Canberra?

What is the coldest month in Canberra? The coldest month in Canberra is July. The average high temperature in July is 11.4°C and average low temperature is -0.1°C.

Accordingly, January is the warmest month in Canberra, Australia. The average high temperature in January is 28°C while average low temperature is 13.2°C.

June is usually the first month of winter in Canberra. Temperature in June ranges from 1°C to maximum 12.3°C.  The same trend follows in July making it the coldest month in Canberra (the capital of Australia).

The temperature start rising in August making it the last month of winter in Canberra. Temperature range in August is 1°C to max 13°C.


After that, spring starts in September. The same trend follows in October and ends in November. That’s why November is the last month of spring in Canberra.

Summer starts in December. December is moderately hot here in Canberra. The Average high Temperature in December is 26.1°C while average low temperature is 11.4°C.

Now, you’ve a great idea of whether here in Canberra. Here at KTK Roof Repairs Canberra, we hope you enjoy your stay here in Canberra. Wondering what to do in Canberra? We have a great post about top 5 places to visit in Canberra.  In this post we have discussed all the great places of Canberra like National Gallery of Australia, Parliament House, National Zoo & Aquarium, Australian War Memorial and Questacon – National Science and Technology Centre.

Now the next question, what is the ideal time to visit Canberra?

As discussed above, the best months are September, October and November. These are what we call “the fresh months” of Canberra. So get yourself ready to visit some great and famous places of Canberra. By the way, do you know What is Canberra famous for?

What if you want to visit Canberra in some other month of the year?

Its absolutely fine. Whether in Canberra isn’t that intense. You can find further information on this great website Visit Canberra.

Some Information About Canberra

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